Perry’s: Where to Find the Perfect Wine in Provincetown

Stepping into the small shop, you’ll find a curated selection of global wines intended for everything from casual sipping on the porch to a high-end bottle to bring to a friend’s fancy dinner party.

A Wine Shop with a Mission

Rodriguez and Robledo opened Grand Cata in DC’s Shaw neighborhood with a mission: to show people that wines from Latin America can compete with European wines, often at a lower price point.

2021 Virginia Governor’s Cup Winners

The 2021 Virginia Governor’s Cup was awarded to Barboursville Vineyards for their 2015 Paxxito dessert wine. The Governor’s Cup is the most prestigious annual wine competition for Virginia wine, with the winner having been selected from more than 500 submitted wines from upwards of 100 Virginia wineries.

Bubbly Basics

As we ready our Champagne flutes to toast the new year, we thought today would be the perfect occasion to provide a quick overview of sparkling wine.

Same Wine, Different Names

To cut down on some of the complexity, we focus on two red wines and two white wines that are called different things, but are actually the same.

Tasting at a Virginia Standard-Bearer

October is officially Wine Month in the Commonwealth of Virginia, which made a Saturday afternoon trip to Linden Vineyards particularly fitting.